Citrus Olive Oil Cake

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Citrus Olive Oil Cake perfect for any occasion

Apparently, olive oil knows no limits (surprise, surprise!). This was my first time testing a cake whose fat was olive oil and not butter, so I had no idea what was in store. But, when I came across this Rachel Ray recipe in a magazine, the picture spoke to me and I carefully tore the page and kept in a folder for a few years…so goes many recipes that “spoke to me” at one point. I’m glad that the springtime bug hit me recently, pushing me to give this a trial run. Citrus Olive Oil Cake was light, moist, tangy, and sweet – everything hinted by the name (and ingredient list). Powdered sugar topping adds to the delicate balance of flavor without overpowering it, as traditional icing would probably snuff out the hints of citrus.

slice of citrus olive oil cake | hearth health happiness
Look closely and you will some flakes of lemon and orange zest. Yum!

Make baking this cake a breeze...

(1) Though Rachel’s recipe calls for buttermilk, I substituted the “homemade” version with the non-dairy milk we have on hand. In this case, it was soy. Add the juice of about half a lemon to the milk and let it sit for a few minutes before incorporating it into batter.

(2) I made this cake in a traditional 9-inch cake pan as well as a 9-inch springform pan. The springform did allow the cake to reach a more consistent height throughout, but you are free to use either one.

(3) The powdered sugar is fantastic, but I also like creating a little lemon glaze from powdered sugar, water, and lemon juice. Use it as a little dipping sauce for the cake for added fun.

(4) Using zest is a fantastic way to boost flavor and the Lorick family is all about adding zest to everything! Wonder what that says about us. Just remember, it is best to zest when the fruit doesn’t have a wax coating.

Grab the recipe for your own citrus olive oil cake

Grab this hearth health happiness approved recipe here and let me know if you give it a try! This is perfect for Easter and an easy go-to if you are tasked with supplying the dessert!

If you are in a zesty mood after making this cake, try my tropical lime cookies, which was such a fun recipe to create. Fruit is taking center stage this spring, even if just with its juice and zest. 😉

Until next time, cheers to your hearth, health, and happiness!

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