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Coffee (straight, no chaser). Whitney Houston. #AllThingsAvocado. Stormy days (let’s talk climate change!). Yep, you guessed it. I’m a Millenial! Ok, preferring black coffee to a latte might be a little off base, but you get the point.  Welcome to the brain child of my early 30s. Whether you share the Gen Y label, or are here just because you know me – hi, Dad! – I’m beyond thrilled to share this space with you. 

As a true “Georgia Peach,” I appreciate the complexities and comfort of Southern dishes. This space draws inspiration from the nostalgia food can create, all while embracing quality, plant-forward ingredients that are fit for the epicurean in all of us. Inspired Epicurean amplifies food, products, and lifestyle ideas to make the epicurean accessible to all. 


It all started with hearth • health • happiness and has grown into a space I hope will serve to inspire, encourage, and offer you the most tasty content.

Recipe developer

Dishing out wholesome meals and scrumptious snacks that satisfy every palate.


Creating a community that embraces a future of sustainability, wellness, and compassion.

Let's speed date!

Location: Atlanta, GA (literally born on Peachtree Street) 

Favorite Food: Cliff’s guacamole (savory) + Chocolate Chip Bar Cookies (sweet) 

You’re from the South – what’s your football allegiance? Roll Tide, friends. 

Education: I have a B.A. and M.A. in Communication Studies, with a minor in Political Science from The University of Alabama. My passion for wholesome creations was borne out of personal family experiences related to lack of access to affordable health care and my award-winning Master’s thesis analyzing the atmosphere and discourse surrounding the Affordable Care Act. 

Professional Life: Started as a college instructor, than I poached Georgia high school students to The University of Alabama as a recruiter…and now I work for the family pecan business as their e-commerce and corporate sales manager. Though I loved each job, my true passion is creating…recipes, experiences, blogs…you get the point. 😉

What does Inspired Epicurean have to offer? 

  • Recipes that are simple to make and offer a healthful twist. Many recipes on Inspired Epicurean are vegetarian and vegan friendly, with even more diet-friendly options in the works. 
  • Amplifying brands and lifestyle choices that offer quality products, sustainable options, cruelty-free practices, and values that align with creating a more healthful, beautiful world. 
  • Practical tips for creating flavor and beauty – from the meals that grace your table to embracing the ambiance that allows your creativity to shine. I believe comfort, beauty, and sustainability can not only co-exist, but thrive. Wellness and conscious choices deserves to be mainstream, and that’s exactly what we promote. 
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