Fatigue: What to Embrace When You’re Tired

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3 Underappreciated Silver Linings to Fatigue

I think it’s fitting that as I write this post, Stanley (the cat) is slumbering peacefully next to me and my own brain hasn’t fully committed to starting the day or heading back to bed. Fatigue is too common in our house and Cliff and I blame this on a number of factors: (1) a bed that isn’t as comfortable as originally thought when we picked it out last year – that was a whole saga, (2) stress, (3) more stress, and (4) additional types of stress. The fatigue today feels well-earned, though, because I was able to dig deep this past weekend and complete a workout that was more intense than usual AND helped our family business’ storefront change to accommodate a new structure with the pandemic. Let’s just say furniture moving leads to mopping which leads to more mopping…you get the picture. Throw in some fine Southern humidity and I’m surprised I can type right now. 😉 Of course, the goal is to only experience fatigue on an infrequent basis. It’s such a tricky symptom because it can be both a symptom and a medical condition in and of itself. Over the years, I have noticed some mild benefits on the days I feel most tired, and hope these might help you when it’s tough to get the day going! 

Fatigue Silver Lining #1: Less Overthinking

If you’re prone to overthinking like I am, welcome to the club. We have t-shirts. I’m the type of person who will draft multiple e-mails, trying to decide what tone will be the most effective. Sometimes, that’s a good thing. Other times, it zaps my energy WAY too quickly. When I’m tired, though, I (sometimes) feel more direct and have a willingness to tackle topics that would otherwise be a bit agonizing. Some of the worries I face – like “how is this person going to respond” – melt away enough for me to get through the task list faster and an odd precision. Just have to ensure the coffee kicks in enough to prevent typos. 😉

Fatigue Silver Lining #2: Hit the Sleep Reset Button

Hopefully, being tired today means you’ll sleep better tonight. That’s the goal, at least. Take a short nap during the day and then try to get to bed on time (or early) to get your body clock back on track. Just like a nice, long workout, your body will crave the rest and – ideally – allow you to get a deeper sleep. Keep in mind that if you are severely lacking in sleep, it will take more than one night to return to a healthy pattern. If you are struggling to turn off your brain when you make it to your bed, here are some accidental ASMR videos to help you relax. 

Fatigue Silver Lining #3: An Excuse to Listen to your Body

Take a cheat day and promise you won’t feel guilty about it! When I’m less fatigued, I try to eat healthy and avoid cheating too much (some days are better than others), but when I’m tired, I treat myself to a little pampering. Even if that pampering is a candy bar I wouldn’t normally eat, or a full-blown meal and dessert that hits all the right “this is a cheat day” notes. (I’m thinking fried chicken, greens, and ice cream. Seriously.) Again, moderation is key, so don’t gorge on something that will leave you feeling AWFUL the next day. Just take some time or food or treats for yourself and understand that you just need too make a U-turn tomorrow. 

What are your fatigue silver linings when you don’t get quite enough shut eye? Hang in there, friends. I hope some of these silver linings will help you get through your next low-energy day. And, until next time, cheers to your #hearthhealthhappiness! 

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      Absolutely, Jimmy! Hopefully, we aren’t tired too often, but I sure have been feeling the fatigue lately! 🙂 Hope these help!

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