FALL in Love with Autumnal Instagram Story Stickers

It’s almost October and we are finally feeling highs in the 70s in Alabama, the Gulf + Atlantic basins are relatively quiet, and football officially kicked off last weekend. Since 2020 has been a little different, I feel like it doesn’t hurt to create some of our own extra special fall magic. In search of that “oh so cozy” feeling, I’ve compiled some of the Instagram Story Stickers that will help harness the feeling of crisp leaves, sweater weather, football, and all the fall food we can eat!ย 

If you aren’t familiar with Stickers, check out my post here!ย 

Cozy Corner: Instagram Story Stickers

image of hygge instagram story stickers for fall | lifestyle | hearth health happiness

Instagram Story Stickers 1: Hygge

The concept of hygge – the Danish term for quality of coziness and comfortability – is really gaining attention lately. So why not harness its power in Instagram Stories as well?ย 

  • I love the neutral tones combined with pops of color.ย 
  • The hints of pink allow for a feminine feel, but the overall collection works for both men AND women.ย 
  • The cold-weather theme makes this Southern gal feel transported to a place that actually experiences cold weather. How novel. ๐Ÿ˜‰
autumn vibe instagram story stickers | lifestyle | hearth health happiness

Instagram Story Stickers 2: Autumn Vibe

Ok, this might be my favorite of all the autumnal stickers right now. Just look at those colors! I feel warm and cozy, like early fall sunflowers are gracing the roadside and leaves are piling up for the kiddos (and doggos) in the front yard. Not to mention, who can say no to the adorable apple and pumpkin faces? Seriously.ย 

  • The vibrant colors are perfect for all the apple picking and pumpkin patch selfies that are flooding our feeds. Keep some negative space in your photos to strategically place these beauties and let the rest of the photo really POP.ย 
  • These give us more of an outdoors-y or front porch vibe with the leaves, pumpkins, and warm colors.ย 
  • Plus, I’m all about some themed food stickers thrown in the mix to make this officially feel like fall. ๐Ÿง
aut instagram story stickers | lifestyle | hearth health happiness

Instagram Story Stickers 3: Aut

These cuties have me feeling all cozy. Like, give me all the pumpkin pie slices and cinnamon rolls, please.ย 

  • Personally, I love the rustic tones to coordinate with almost any color scheme.ย 
  • These woodland animals are ALL SORTS of adorbs and make everything (or, me, at least) feel all cute and cuddly. (As I type this, Stanley is purring in my lap and also has me all up in my cuddly emotions, but IF he were an outdoor kitty, I have a feeling he’d be chasing these little guys. ๐Ÿ˜•)ย 
  • Plus, these stickers are perfect for post-Halloween themes, too. Bonus. Points.ย 

Cool it down just a little...

rizzprints instagram story stickers | lifestyle | hearth health happiness

Instagram Story Stickers 4: rizzprints

Yes, we’ve taken a bit of a left turn from the warm, rustic tones from earlier, but I couldn’t leave this theme out of the rotation.ย 

  • Neutral tones are always perfect to let the background photos shine. Not to mention, these evoke a sense of calm and serene with just the right hint of cozy.ย 
  • We can’t have fall without a few rainy days and sweat pants thrown in the mix (just a few, right? ๐Ÿ‘€) .ย 
  • I feel like this has a little more of a youthful vibe, but still versatile for a variety of ages.ย 

Which of these sticker themes will be gracing your Stories this autumn? I can’t wait to see! Until next time, friends, cheers to your hearth, health, and happiness!ย 

pinterest pin with my favorite IG Story stickers | lifestyle | hearth health happiness

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      I love those so much, too, Nathalia! Definitely getting some fall inspo from these. Hope you enjoy!

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