Roasted Garlic-Parmesan Edamame

Much to the dismay of my metabolism, crackers have ALWAYS been my choice of snack. When I ran cross country (sooooo long ago), I could justify – and I mean REALLY justify – the carbs. Life was good. Now, I feel a little more guilt when I reach for the grains. True, my go-to crackers these days are whole wheat and organic, but still. I completely understand that our bodies crave variety, so I have a fun new snack recipe to throw in the mix! 

Seeking Healthy Snacks…

These edamame morsels are light and zesty – plus, they provide that satisfying “crunch” that is a win in my book. When the mid-day energy dip sets in, these little ones will be a healthy, new pick-me-up to keep on hand. 

[yumprint-recipe id=’18’]It’s all about moderation…

Don’t forget that soy products are healthy, but in moderation. Harvard has some handy suggestions about incorporating soy in your diet.

What snack helps get you through the day? 



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