Instagram Story Stickers Perfect for July 2020

Instagram Story Stickers I'm Crushing on Right Now...

July is just days away, and I certainly hope you’ve had a productive/relaxing/purposeful June! If you’ve followed some of my IG updates lately, ours has been less-than-stellar, but I guess that is pretty much on par for 2020, right? The good news is that the spider bite seems to be a little better. We are still without A/C and that doesn’t exactly make us eager for July in Alabama. Fingers crossed that gets resolved soon (long story). So, I thought sharing something pretty, creative, and a little light-hearted might help us continue progress through the mid-summer mark with a little more pep in our step. That’s where these Instagram Story Stickers come in to play – here are some of my favorites and I hope you’ll share yours as well! 

Add GIF to Instagram Story

Screenshot of Instagram Story Stickers Step 1 | hearth health happiness
Screenshot of Instagram Story Options | hearth health happiness
Screenshot of GIF section within Instagram Stories | hearth health happiness

Just in case you’re new to the Instagram Story game, take a look at the screenshots in the above section. Stickers are housed within the GIF section. To access, go to your Instagram profile and tap on your profile picture. Swipe to the “Create” section and tap on the smiling square at the top of the screen. Select the “GIF” (in the image, it shows as “G” above) button and then type the names of the stickers outlined below in the “Search GIPHY” bar. Of course, you can search for keywords that are specific to your needs, but Instagram Stories does offer sticker collections that provide a theme that fits every need. Whether that is a color scheme, holiday motif, or just a creative grouping of images, you can find almost anything in the Instagram sticker section. It’s quite fun! 

Let's Get Creative...

lidiaontheroad Instagram sticker stories | hearth health happiness

Instagram Story Stickers 1: Lidiaontheroad 

What I love about these story stickers: 

  • Warm, neutral colors make it feel like summertime (even if I have to forego the pool for the couch right now). 
  • Playful, but fairly uniform font make the text easy to read when paired with images and gives the overall tone a more light-hearted, easy-going vibe. 
  • With positive sayings like, “I’m so thankful for you” and “You are stronger than you think you are,” 2020 feels just a little easier to handle. 
vipapier Instagram sticker stories | hearth health happiness

Instagram Story Stickers 2: Vipapier 

What I love about these: 

  • Definitely a little more chic than your average sticker, these provide a clean look with a little flair. 
  • I think it’s fun that this set adds some interesting textures to the mix, which are fun to accent other stickers, or text you want highlighted. Just like mixing textures can be fun for the home, the same holds true for Instagram story stickers, apparently. 😉
  • Again, I have a love for neutrals and these offer a hint of pink for those who want to show off a bit more of a feminine accent. 
lizaproch Instagram sticker stories | hearth health happiness

Instagram Story Sticker 3: Lizaproch

What I love about these: 

  • Bolder colors play well off of a more vibrant time of year. Oranges and blues are popular right now, making it trendy to sneak into those stories. 
  • Maybe my Georgia roots are making me maudlin with these peachy motifs, but I’m totally fine with that. And, what says summer for most of us than the thought of peach cobbler, peach ice cream…even peach shakes from Chick-fil-a. 
  • Right now, lizaproch has a quarantine counter as a cheeky addition to this time of COVID-19 and I’m taking it as a challenge to continue working on creative content while staying at home. 
hanmade Instagram stories stickers | hearth health happiness

Instagram Story Sticker 4: Rorodina

What I love about these: 

  • There is a bit of random fun with this set of Instagram stickers – from the sun popping out from behind the cloud, to the dancing lavender, there is a little something for everyone. Even dancing Minnie Mouse ears – did someone say adorbs? 🤗
  • The absence of a specific sticker color theme actually gives you flexibility for added pops of color. It really gives you the option of creating your own summertime, laid-back vibe. Woosah. 
  • Several images are household-themed which can be a nice option for lifestyle bloggers or any of us who feel like capturing what life feels like on a daily basis.
hanmade Instagram Stories Stickers | hearth health happiness

Instagram Sticker Stories 5: hanmade

What I love about these:

  • Why not go out with one more chic set of Instagram stories? I actually think this compliments the vipapier listed earlier in terms of a feminine touch and neutral tones. 
  • This set offers a little more text that helps highlight your message. Slap that organic sticker over your organic berries from the market (or backyard), show off your “work mode” work-from-home attire, or leave some pawprints next to a snapshot of your furbaby. 
  • The cursive font makes this a little more formal, without losing the relatability we all strive for when making our Instagram Stories connect with others. Add a little something stylish as we enter mid-summer. My hair might look a mess in this humidity, but that doesn’t mean my content has to look anything less than fresh! 

Looking for something a little less well-known? Check out some fun presets from Etsy for a nominal amount of cash. Take a peek at some of these at Etsy (click on links):

Which of these catch your eye, or do you have a collection your crushin’ on right now? Comment below and share the creativity (leave your Instagram handle so I can check out all the fun you’re having)! Whether you’re able to get out and about a bit right now, or are still staying home, my hope is that these will offer a little fun inspiration for your Instagram story-telling. I can’t wait to see what you create! 

Until next time, cheers to your #hearthhealthhappiness! 

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