The Unique, Curated Life

So, what exactly does curating life mean? First, I want to stave off the idea that I’m approaching this blog as a pretentious writer, or person. I’m not. In any form or fashion. In fact, that’s one of my goals for the blog – to reclaim the idea that curating something is reserved for the stuffy types. If there is one concept I’ve learned in 30 years is that life is a straight-up challenge. It’s beautiful, haunting, special, terrifying, inspiring, and many times overwhelming. But, it’s a great ride – and one I want to harness. Take control. Curate.

+Case in point, check out this insightful New York Times article about the renaissance of curating.

I love the idea that even though much is out of our control, we can focus on the details of our daily life and generate an experience that is as unique as our individual person. And, each curated life is a reflection of likes, dislikes, fears, and the moments that fill the spaces. Throughout most of my life – to this point – I’ve allowed myself to get overwhelmed by the “big picture” and concerned myself with perfecting the next requirement of my day. The feeling is draining, exhausting, and allows for little exploration of life lived “between the lines,” where you can exercise creativity and indulge in hobbies…perhaps discovering layers you didn’t even know existed. Well, life events over the last few years have reminded me that this life really is short. I want to make sure it’s a life well-lived.

Since starting this blog, I’ve entertained more, taught myself to bake, cook, garden, and that’s just the beginning. There is always something new to discover and a new challenge to meet. These are exciting challenges, and experiences I know many of you have faced, or are facing. What would make this experience even more awesome is the ability to share with each other. What coffee aroma helps you get up in the morning? When you’re excited about the start of spring, what do you do? Make a run to Home Depot and grab your favorite flower? Throw on a sundress and find a restaurant in the trendy part of town to sit outside and drink mimosas? By the way, if you have a twist on the traditional mimosa recipe, please share! That is what this experience is all about – let’s share, dish, hang, whatever.

As I write, I’m jamming out to some Childish Gambino’s Redbone, [Donald Glover went to a high school near mine…that makes me somewhat famous, right? Ha!] Cliff is working on his dissertation and watching Star Trek [which tells me he’s ready for a break] and our cat, Stanley, is curled up next to my laptop. It may be quiet night, but it’s perfect. “If you want it, you can have it.” Yep. I look forward to curating our best life, together.

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