Lifestyle Corner: Random Realizations about “adulting”

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Adulthood playing out online...

Let’s face it, adulting is officially synonymous with the millennial generation. So many use it in jest to poke fun at those open about the issues of growing up and entering the preverbial “real world.” The rest prefer to use it to manage the day-to-day craziness this world can produce. And, let’s face it, things have gotten a little crazy the last several years. Perhaps other generations poke fun at the term, but perhaps we (millennials) are just the first to have our adult lifestyle played out online – including social media. 

Yes, gone are the days of ABC’s TGIF lineup, slap wrist bracelets, Polly Pockets, and the like. Now, we get to deal with pandemics, multiple economic recessions, crushing student loan debt, and bills. However, Netflix has been a fun addition to our lives, right? In many respects, it really is an intriguing time to be alive. I remember the first time I realized I was an adult (though, some days I still wonder if I’m doing this whole adult thing right). Here are a few realizations I’ve had as an early-30 year old that made me realize that maybe I’ve officially crossed over the “adult” threshold. See if any resonate with you! 

The to-do list is never totally done...

Try as you might (and *boy* have I tried), the chore list will always have a few items left undone. You’ll talk to your friends about the never-ending pile of laundry that finds its home on the guest bed (if you have a guest bed), or the chair in the corner of the room that has a pile of clothes for whatever reason. As soon as you finish cleaning your place, dirty puppy paws or feline hairballs will magically appear. And, you’ll remember when your parents used to joke about “honey do” lists that were never totally complete. I fight it sometimes, but I’m slowly starting to realize that sometimes you can’t just get it all done. That doesn’t mean your lifestyle is inferior to what you see on IG, but knowing that most of us are in the same boat – in one way or another – helps me get through the day. 

Furbabies - or real babies - really do rely on us.

I can only relate to the former right now, but the same principal applies in a way.  These littles really do look at us with that sweet, trusting, happy look that makes you realize you are the center of a living beings world. There are times when that feels overwhelming (and I do realize that I only have a cat), but the responsibility and joys of that relationship are so special.  

Your lifestyle is your own + you start to care less about what others think

Maybe you were one of the lucky ones and you never cared what others thought of you, but for some of us, that freedom is just now starting to be realized. No makeup and t-shirts to run errands instead of trying to look cute and put together? Yes, please. It is hard when finances draw a bit of a distinction between peers who can afford to do a little more or a little less, but true friendships stay real and discover ways to survive differences. Socializing might look different than college, but that’s ok! 

Older adults aren't necessarily smarter or wiser...

These aren’t intended as fightin’ words! As someone who was raised to respect authority to the nth degree, I always used to look at teachers and parents and superiors as people who were in on some big secret. I think I assumed all adults had things figured out and reached some sort of peak maturity. No offense to all the wonderful non-millennials reading this, but my biggest wake-up call was that older generations certainly have experience and – in many cases – wisdom, but they are still trying to get through life just like we are. They aren’t always right, they aren’t always smarter, and age doesn’t make someone automatically wiser. Yes, we all have to contribute to each other’s experiences on this journey, but I finally felt empowered when I realized most of us don’t have everything figured out and there is no giant secret whispered in your ear when you enter the “real world.” While a crystal ball would be nice, at least we all get to figure things out together… or we should. 

Bottom line, whether your laundry pile is dam* near up to the roof or you’re planner is as neatly organized as Martha Stewart’s surely is, you got this! Yes, are there moments when you’ll curl up in your closet totally overwhelmed and thinking about the good ole days – when all this responsibility didn’t (a) fall on your shoulders and (b) play out online for the world to see or you to witness (not speaking from personal experience AT ALL…😶). But, you know what, there will be times when it all clicks. I have a feeling that will happen for me when I’m nearing 70, but that’s cool. Better late than never, right? Rock your lifestyle. Whatever that may be. In the meantime, go grab some caffeine and let’s get to it. 

Until next time, a hearty cheers to your #hearthhealthhappiness! 

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