Happy International Cat Day!


Who knew these two professed dog lovers could learn to adore cats? Yes, we are animal lovers, but never would have thought we would have been cat guardians before we had a dog. Our first cat, Paco, wandered into our lives in Tuscaloosa, but passed away from FIP a few years later.

That’s close to when Stanley entered our lives and our hearts. Children were mistreating him at a nearby apartment complex, and our family friends reached out to see if we would be interested in adopting him. We were still a little nervous, having been hurt by the loss of Paco, but decided we could make it work and we are so glad we did! Stanley is truly the third member of our family — our snuggle buddy, a purr machine, and the most personable kitty in the WORLD. After having been chased down by bikes and dropped from balconies to see if cats really land on their feet, I have no idea why he trusts humans. He does, though, and we are dedicated to giving him the best life possible.

As a side note, he only has a few teeth left, so his upper lip “snags” on the few remaining. It’s adorable — in our house, we call it “snagging.”

To all of the cat guardians out there, we hope you have a great day. Enjoy your special day, Stan-man!



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  1. Stanley was sure blessed to be rescued by you two!! You are great cat guardians! 🙂 Look at the amazing transformation Stanley has made. Thanks to both of you!!!!

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