Fun with Instagram Lightroom Presets

Cover photo of Melanie in front of brick wall for Instagram Lightroom presets

This post is written in collaboration with Nicky Presets, but the views and opinions are solely those of the author.

Ahhh, Lightroom Presets. If you spend any time on Instagram or the world of blogging, you know what I’m referencing. And, if I had to take a guess – you have either tried a few out for yourself or scrolled through an influencer’s profile wondering what magic preset they use (no, I’m not speaking from experience…cough, cough). I used to think that presets were just for those who could afford a professional social media curator – or someone with a less limited budget, but that is a misnomer. With Lightroom and the number of professional presets available for your feed these days, your ability to display more polished content is easier than ever. 

Cover photo of Melanie in front of a brick wall | hearth health happinessI recently collaborated with Nicky Presets, who provided me with an extensive library of Lightroom presets to try. And, I can honestly say these are delicious. With a little something for everyone, these are ideal for those whose contents center around fashion, food, or lifestyle. As a lifestyle blogger, it is harder to find presets that are versatile. My feed doesn’t prominently feature vacation photos or gorgeous model shots; instead, more food and close-up lifestyle images. I had such fun playing with the sets and truly appreciated the “one click magic” ease with which I could take a normal photo and make it look professional. 

A few of my favorites from the Nicky Presets Collections: 

Lifestyle Outdoors:

Murals are incredibly popular right now, especially in Birmingham (AL). I love the contrast “Warm Sky” provides without sacrificing color. The words pop and the overall vibe of the photo has a much more urban feel. Totally diggin’ it. 


Melanie standing in front of Birmingham mural before Instagram Lightroom preset applied


Melanie standing in front of Birmingham mural with Instagram Lightroom preset applied

Shot of Me:

Today, the oversized button-down shirt was up to bat and with temps in the ‘70s, it was perfect for a little outdoor photography (social distancing was enacted and easy). It was hard to choose a preset for this one because it completely depends upon the aesthetic you are trying to achieve. Ultimately, I picked Americano because I thought it added a shaded look without completely washing me out (my arm blends into the wall a little, but I was going for a more artsy vibe), maintained a little pop of color, and really added an artistic touch. I kind of feel ready to be on an album cover. Thoughts? 


Melanie standing in front of brick wall before Instagram Lightroom preset applied


Melanie in front of brick wall with Instagram Lightroom preset applied | hearth health happiness


Since no lifestyle blogger exists without getting at least one picture of their pet in the mix, I thought it would be fun to try with Stanley. He’s a big fluff ball of mostly white and though this picture was taken in poor lighting, Light & Airy brought it to life and captured his true inner marshmallow. 


Stanley cat on bed before Instagram Lightroom preset applied


Stanley cat on bed with Instragram Lightroom preset applied

Citrus Olive Oil Cake

Food can be tough when it comes to Lightroom presets. I like to keep colors as true to color as possible, but that doesn’t mean dishes can’t go without a little extra help. To make your ingredients – and final product – stand out, I highly recommend Nicky Presets’ Pop of Color. Go on, capture that deliciousness! 


citrus olive oil cake before applying Instagram Lightroom preset


citrus olive oil cake with Instagram Lightroom Preset applied


Finally, one selfie to round it all out – and one that was taken on a hot day, mid-summer, in a car…in the South. I’m just glad my makeup wasn’t melting yet! Vanilla Taste really adds a warm tone that I think it incredibly complimentary – almost like a light version of the classic Sepia we have all come to know, love, and try to not overuse. The subtle tones of the preset don’t compete with other parts of the picture and makes a dark dress against pale skin look good (I have a tan!). It’s a winner, in my book!


Selfie before applying Instagram Lightroom Presets


Selfie with Instagram Lightroom Preset

A few reminders about Lightroom Presets:

(1) Lightroom, as a basic app, is free. You can download and connect to your Google account, Facebook, etc.

(2) When working in Lightroom, you can edit presets to make them fit your creative whim. I enjoyed doing no editing with the Nicky Presets collections, BUT, you can always tone down the contrast, sharpen an image, add a warmer or cooler tone, etc. I didn’t touch the above pictures, but could have if I needed to make an adjustment for a project. The freedom to edit (or not) is what makes presets so powerful.

Grabbing Some for Yourself

Each of the Nicky Presets collections is $15.00 each, which is a steal for the power and functionality you get for each one. All the work is done for you. Peruse the collections here and select those that will work best for your needs. Plus, at the date of this article, there are a few deals going on…have fun.

If you need help with installation, take a look at this step-by-step video to walk you through the process. If you are new to Lightroom presets overall, the video is a handy resource.

Have fun with this friends! Let me know if you give these a try and be sure to tag me on Instagram so I can see all the gorgeousness! 😍

Until next time, cheers to your #hearthhealthhappiness!




2 thoughts on “Fun with Instagram Lightroom Presets”

  1. I love Lightroom! I use it to beef up my Instagram pictures. I haven’t paid for any presets yet but might! Love your kitty! He looks as cuddly as mine!

    1. hearthhealthhappiness

      Lightroom is so powerful and fun to play with, isn’t it? And, I love the fact it’s accessible with a free account, too. I waited forever to try paid presets, but it has made life easier since using them. I still have a difficult time sticking to one particular aesthetic, but I’m trying. 🙂 Stanley thanks you for the compliment – what is your kitty’s name? Love our furbabies! <3

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