Did Your Team Lose on College Rivalry Weekend? How to Mourn the Loss of Bragging Rights

Clinging to happier memories tonight. RTR! 

Roll Tide, forever! What a depressing end to the Thanksgiving holiday break — football is supposed to lift our spirits and though it may take a few years off of our lives (per game, most days), isn’t it always worth it in the end? Losing to Auburn tonight stings (and I’m sure I will hear about it when I am on the road recruiting these last few weeks of the semester). Though I am feeling down now, a few glimmers of hope have emerged, and I hope sharing these tips will lead to greater #happiness until next year’s Iron Bowl.

  1. Understand you are not alone. Many teams lost this weekend, and half the fan bases around the country can turn to each other as a mini support system for the time being. As an Alabama fan, it is important to note that many across the country were just rooting for us to lose given their “Alabama fatigue,” but many will still be willing to allow you to vent around the water cooler. Give those folks an extra nice Secret Santa gift this year.
  2. The team should  will use this as motivation for the next 364.5 days. If the coaching staff is “worth their salt,” clips of the worst moments from the weekend will be playing on a loop in the weight room. To be a fly on that wall…
  3. Remember you weren’t the one on the field. It took a while, but Cliff finally got through to me that I MUST remember I’m not the one suiting up to play for the Tide. Despite my best efforts. 😉 These players are kids and you never know what they are experiencing before, during, and after the game. Maybe they had a bad break-up, aren’t feeling well, got yelled at by a coach earlier, are worried about finals…the list goes on and on. They may be disciplined, but they are still 18-year-old humans.
  4. Channel your anger into something positive. Do you have that antsy feeling — like you wish you could do something to change the narrative? Maybe you could get up the courage to ask for a raise, or dream up a new holiday decoration for your apartment or house…anything to make your space a little more happy and welcoming. Remember, this one gave may have ended up in the “L” column, but you don’t have to.

When all else fails, just remember:

  • Your side is still the best — they just have to allow the other guy to win once in a while. Really, this all happened for a reason!
  • You can always eat your feelings. Just make sure you swap out the real chips for kale chips once in a while.
  • Excellence is a state of mind. Get your mind right, son!
  • Blame it on the refs. They always ruin EVERYTHING.
  • When you experience moment of anger, put on a recording of the game and pick up some dumbbells — just stay as far back from the TV as possible, while taking out that anger on your biceps. You’ll be in the best shape of your life.
  • Never put your happiness in the hands of others. Especially college kiddos. That would be one WILD ride.

Roll Tide, look towards next year, and let me know if you are licking some wounds right now. It’s support group time!

Until next time, I hope you find a way to still enjoy your #hearthhealthhappiness.

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