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What’s up, friends? How’s the party? It’s cool, I’m only – like – three years late to the Thrive Market shindig. (Yes, I just used the word “shindig,” meaning I’m probably no longer allowed to the party…or the blogoshphere). For any of you reading this who, like me, are considering Thrive or just tried it for the first time, I hope this Thrive Market review will offer a bit (or bits) of useful information.

Access to healthy food is gaining prominence, for sure. However, when you’re shopping on a budget and want to eat healthy, you inevitably end up adding and removing items from your cart until you’ve compromised on some meals, feel guilty about the less healthy choices, and try to get excited about what healthier item will make it home with you. I work in the food and gift industry, so I understand why healthy food costs so much more, but it is a bit of an emotional roller coaster when you want to make the right choices, but struggle to make it work on a budget. Which is why we decided to give Thrive Market a try.

What Exactly is Thrive Market?

Thrive Market offers healthy and environmentally-friendly products at wholesale prices. Whether you follow a particular diet or are looking to make more healthful choices in your beauty and home care routine, options are pretty abundant with Thrive.

My impression: I was impressed with the number of brands available and accessibility to ingredients that can be difficult to find in traditional grocery stores.

How does Thrive Market work?

Thrive Market Membership

I hesitate with subscription services because I want to make sure I never get complacent with where my money goes on a monthly or annual basis. I’m old school like that. I also think that subscriptions can be a barrier for many. As Cliff and I have analyzed cost savings, deals, and product availability in our grocery shopping habits, we decided to give Costco a try earlier this year and now, Thrive Market. We are probably going to cancel our Costco membership in favor of Thrive, for a variety of reasons – mostly driving distance.

Thrive Market does have a $59 per year membership, with the opportunity to try free for a month.  You will still need to provide payment information at the outset, but can cancel at any point. According to their terms of service, subscribers who don’t save $59 within their first year of membership, they will be refunded the difference when you renew your membership for another year.

My impression: I do feel better about my subscription because Thrive Market takes the subscription service a step deeper than most and with every paid membership, they extend a free membership to a “low-income family, student, teacher, veteran, or first responder.” This does help bring healthier products to the doorstep of more people and that is something I can support.

Thrive Market Store Locations

Thrive does not have physical storefront locations; rather they operate as an online marketplace. I don’t love going to the grocery store anyway, so don’t mind ordering from the comfort of my home. You just have to be willing to plan ahead and be willing to wait for shipment.

My impression: With the COVID-19 crisis and my previous desire to avoid grocery stores, finding an affordable option to get pantry staples from the comfort of my couch isn’t really a hard sell for me. After working a full day, I would much rather spend more time at home than the grocery store. With beverage of choice in my hand, of course. 🙂 

Thrive Market Food and Goods

I organize the available categories as: pantry food + beverage, beauty + body care, and home goods. Fresh produce is not available, so you’ll need to use a different resource for these items, but you can purchase dry grains, snacks, meat, wine, spices, soups, baking goods, condiments, oils and vinegars, canned food, nut butters and fruit spreads, cereals, honey and sweeteners, and more. Not a bad list. And, if you’re a foodie interested in trying some special ingredients like Manuka honey or xantham gum, you can access these items at wholesale prices.

My impression: Great variety; just be prepared to see a minimum quantity requirement for some items and several popular options sold out. Of course, supply chains are disrupted right now, so “sold out” status is temporary and will probably decrease as pressure shifts.

Delivery of our Order

Our box arrived about one week after placing our order, which was anticipated. I’m not sure if it would move faster outside of the pandemic situation, but it isn’t terrible if you know to plan ahead and strategize your menu. 

Fragile bottles and containers filled with liquid were double wrapped in plastic to prevent leakage. Glass bottles were also wrapped in additional paper to buffer punctures and jostling during transit. The avocado oil did have a slight film on the bottle – not sure why – but it must have a leaked a little while in transit. Grateful to have the extra protection in the box! 

My Savings

One monetary factor that was helpful with our first order was a two-fold incentive: $20 off our first order and free shipping off $49 or more. The free shipping on orders of $49 or more stands for all members, regardless of whether they are new or old hats at the Thrive Market program. And, with how much I think we can all stock up on goodies, free shipping is no small matter. 

Bonus: I wasn’t able to take advantage of this, BUT if you are a new subscriber and use the Ibotta cost savings app, Ibotta will provide an ADDITIONAL 25% cash back on your order. Can I live vicariously through you? 

Another Bonus: Thrive Market also offers additional cash back on certain products. The cash back is applied to the next order when you purchase products that qualify. Yes, please. 

Our First Round of Goodies

Thrive Market Pantry Items Order

  1. Organic Red Lentil Rotini: $3.79 (12% off)
  2. Organic Green Lentil Penne: $3.99 (7% off)
  3. Skinny Popcorn – Original – minimum of 2 required: $2.99 each for $5.98 (23% off) 
  4. Yogi Bedtime Tea: $3.99 (20% off) 
  5. Organic Coconut Sugar: $4.59 (34% off) 
  6. Avocado Oil: $9.99 (23% off) 
  7. Organic Honey Bear: $4.29 (39% off)
  8. Cacao Sweet Nibs: $9.49 (21% off) 
  9. Organic Whole Flaxseed: $3.99 (43% off) 
  10. Organic Chili Powder: $2.99 (50% off)


Thrive Market Beauty Items Order


  1. Andalou Argan Oil & Shea Moisture Rich Shampoo: $7.00 (20% off) 
  2. Bentonite Clay: $8.99 (30% off) 
  3. ACNEdote Deep Clean Astringent: $6.49 (38% off) 
  4. ACURE Seriously Soothing Day Cream SPF 30: $10.69 (44% off) 

Thrive Market Home Goods Order


  1. Swedish Dishcloth, Herb Design: $4.99 (28% off) 

Total Cost and Savings

Total: $75.10, Savings of $60.16

Seriously – beauty, skincare, pantry items, and more are a steal at 70-ish bucks. Though it is not a one-stop-shop, I am pleased with our experience thus far. Some of these healthy items would be out of our budget’s reach if not brought back down to wholesale prices and I can’t wait to try some of these ingredients with new recipes (especially cacao nibs and coconut sugar) as part of our efforts to make June a purposeful one. 

Have you tried Thrive Market yet? Let me know what items you would recommend! Until next time, *cheers* to your #hearthhealthhappiness. 

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