The Handbook

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The Handbook

For those days when we just need to get some extra details sorted out, or a quick question answered. If you’re anything like me (hi, there!), it’s so nice to experience that lightbulb moment that will free up some time or make your next dish THAT much better. When I discovered that adding a little olive oil to boiling pasta water would help prevent it from frothing on top, it was such a time saver – because I did, in fact, stand there stirring it constantly to prevent the mountain of foam from overtaking the kitchen. (Hero over here.) 

Lifestyle Tips

Since this is a lifestyle blog that isn’t just about food and recipes, you’ll find a few other categories incorporated into this section – from homemaking tips (that I’m learning along the way) to pro tips that I hope will help in the professional world, too. 

Here are a few of my favorite posts for The Handbook, so far: 

Take a look around and grab some deets! So glad you’re here! 

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