Health & Happiness

Health & Happiness – something we all want, right? Besides being relatively broad (I like to tackle impossible topics, apparently), these are two concepts that mean something different for everyone. Though it would be great, none of us are “healthy” 100% of the time and it is actually impossible to feel “happy” around the clock. I view “health” and “happiness” as fluid and highly personal, but perhaps find most interesting, that these are two items that induce SO MUCH pressure for many of us; the feeling of failure if we don’t experience an emotional high on a regular basis, for example. It’s so easy to look at others both in person and on social media, witness their smiling faces while on vacation or celebrating a new purchase and jump to the conclusion that one snippet in time is representative of their everyday life. It was such a relief when I learned – either late high school or in college – that what we define as the emotion “happy” is fleeting. You strive for as much of it as you can, but even the most positive people have doubts, anxiety, fears, and more. 

Health falls under that same umbrella. Technically, it is easier to review certain metrics and determine if a person is healthy on paper, but the all-consuming nature of that pursuit can just as easily de-rail well-intentioned efforts as much as it can give you that 6-pack. As a woman, I’ve learned a ton navigating the self-doubt and energy suck around trying to look perfect. And, I’ve watched my own husband’s weight loss journey, successfully losing over 100 pounds thus far! All of the research and conversations and trips to the grocery store have taught me there is no quick fix. If you don’t balance the good foods with some that are a little sinful, give yourself time to make adjustments with your meals, or allow yourself the freedom to do an easier workout on a day where you just aren’t feelin’ it, then you probably aren’t going to reach your true health potential, mentally and physically. 

Therefore, this space is a compilation of ideas, resources, and conversation that have aided in my family’s journey with health and happiness. Join the convo and let’s create a great space together! 

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