These are swoon-worthy because...

Two special ingredients make vegan pancakes perfect in both taste AND texture. Fluffy thanks to whipped aquafaba (juice from chickpeas) and rich in flavor from the subtle nutty undertones of tahini!

A special treat any time of year, but also a fun alternative for springtime menus, thanks to the burst of citrus flavor.


Perfect crust

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Mix dry + wet ingredients separately

No need to overwhip the aquafaba - aim for a consistent fluffy texture, doubling in volume.

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Leavening in action!


Sustainability Profile

Aquafaba is more environmentally-friendly than using traditional eggs. Added bonus: you're using the WHOLE can of chickpeas and reducing waste.

Poppy seeds are a sustainable crop.

Substituting dairy milk with plant-based milk is another step towards a more sustainable planet. Choose the plant-based milk you prefer!

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