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Vegan Lemon Blackberry Bread

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Flavor: Bursting with lemon zest and juice, plus beautifully ripe blackberries.

Texture: A cross between a hearty quick bread and delicate cake.

Vegan and dairy free: Made with plant-based ingredients, this lemon blackberry bread is safe for those avoiding animal products.

Dry Ingredients

Wet Ingredients


Prepare the wet ingredients

Make plant-based buttermilk (add lemon juice to plant-based milk) 

Whip the aquafaba on high speed until stiff peaks form. 

Melt coconut oil and reduce aquafaba (takes a few minutes)

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Whisk together the dry ingredients. 

Flour • Baking Powder • Baking Soda • Salt


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Whisk together the wet ingredients. 

Plant-based Buttermilk • Lemon Juice • Organic Cane Sugar • Vanilla Extract • Coconut Oil • Lemon Zest


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Combine wet + dry ingredients. Fold in whipped aquafaba and blackberries. Add to loaf pan and bake for 55 minutes. 


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Make the lemon glaze and blackberry glaze using powdered sugar, lemon juice, and blackberry juice. 


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Allow bread to cool and drizzle glazes over the top of the bread. 


Whipped aquafaba is what gives the crumb a lighter texture. Aquafaba is the juice from canned or cooked chickpeas, and serves as the egg replacement in lemon blackberry bread.