Slow Cooker Pecan Banana Steel Cut Oats

I SO wish I had joined the steel cut oat fan club earlier in life. When I was first introduced to this healthier breakfast, I was used to eating cereal in the morning, and thought the best way to eat these oats was with a little sweetener and maybe some fruit. Technically, that probably is the healthiest way to eat them, but it isn’t the only option. In fact, Cliff and I are obsessed with steel cut oats now. Instead of feeling like we were forcing ourselves to be healthy, we have a new “go-to” approach for breakfasts during throughout the week.

My best friend is probably my slow cooker. Apologies to Cliff and my human friends. But this guy is a workhorse that gives us delicious meals whenever we want them. There’s no competition. Therefore, you can believe I jumped at the opportunity when I learned you can cook steel cut oats in a slow cooker overnight. For this busy gal, I immediately tried it and fell in love. After multiple batches, I’m excited to say I’ve developed my own recipe and am happy to share it with you!

[yumprint-recipe id=’13’]Until next time, I hope you enjoy your #hearthhealthhappiness!

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