Cliff’s Tangy Guacamole + Our First Date

I knew I found a good man when he cooked an incredible chicken piccata recipe for me when we celebrated our first Valentine’s Day together. The effort he went to in order to make everything perfect was swoon-worthy. Cliff may deny it when I brag about his skills in the kitchen, but he really is talented. I see his face light up when he is pondering what he wants to cook and he deserves quite a bit of credit for his willingness to branch out and try something new.

This actually reminds me of our first date in 2009. We went to a Tuscaloosa favorite, Iguana Grill, and enjoyed some great Mexican food before going to a movie. While eating, I was so nervous that I may have  literally had a few too many stuffed my face with tortilla chips. The waiter brought us more than one like, five baskets of chips, so I really don’t consider it my fault. By the end of dinner, Cliff and I were laughing because I suddenly realized that I probably looked a little less dainty (which, I’m not, so it was probably necessary to establish that from the beginning) than I intended and he kept getting green dye on his lip from the colored margarita salt on the rim of his glass. We were definitely a match from the start.

Fast forward eight years, and we still love chips and dip, but especially chips and guacamole. One of Cliff’s creations in the kitchen is a family (and friend favorite)…his delicious guacamole. This appetizer was center stage prior to the incredible renaissance the avocado has experienced the last year or so. During football season, we break this out every opportunity we get, remembering that it isn’t low fat and must eat in moderation. I consider it a cross between Chipotle’s DELICIOUS guac and what you would order in a traditional Mexican restaurant.

If you need a fun appetizer for the remaining NFL playoff games, consider giving this recipe a try! Pair with some whole wheat or blue chips, and you’ll feel a little healthier. Btw, Cliff is loving the mortar and pestle I mentioned in earlier posts, and it has been fun to use it as a serving piece.

[yumprint-recipe id=’5′]We hope this will become a family favorite in your home! What are some of your favorite guac ingredients?

Until next time, we hope you enjoy your #hearthhealthhappiness!


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