Frozen Whipped Cream Dollops


As you may already know, I recently discovered stabilized whipped cream (no gelatin used), but had a bunch left over after testing some new recipes. Once I heard you could freeze it for use later, I was hooked! Cliff and I just broke out the hot chocolate and tried a few dollops on top (we were out of marshmallows) and it WAS SO GOOD! Find instructions here.

When whipping the rest of the heavy cream I had on hand, I did try a few different variations. The ones you see here were sweetened with Truvia, and not sugar. It’s still heavy cream, but every little bit helps!

Side note: I used a Ziploc baggie and Betty Crocker frosting tip to get the “pretty” dollops. 

What is your favorite cold weather snack?

Until next time, I hope you enjoy your #hearthhealthhappiness!


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